Pioneering the Future of Finance in the WEB3 Era

In the rapidly evolving world of digital finance, a new player, Streamable Finance,enters the ring. 

Its mission? To change the way people and businesses interact with their finances, making it more intuitive, accessible, and in real-time.”

“At Streamable Finance, our mission is to create a future where finance flows continuously, seamlessly integrating into our daily lives like a stream. We envision a world where financial transactions are not just transactions but a fluid part of our everyday experience, blending the reliability of traditional systems with the innovation of blockchain technology” – 

Founder Michele Tegon 

Continuous Money Stream: A New Financial Pulse

The heart of Streamable Finance’s innovation lies in its Continuous Money Stream concept. This groundbreaking approach transforms the very essence of transactions, shifting from the conventional,static and discrete models to a fluid, ongoing stream. Imagine payments that flow like a river, uninterrupted and in real-time, redefining the rhythm of financial interactions.

Key Features

  • Streampay: Streampay is a service from Streamable Finance that simplifies financial transactions, making them as straightforward as streaming music online. It is designed to provide smooth and effortless financial exchanges.
  • Decentralized Exchange (DEX): The Decentralized Exchange, or DEX, is a secure and transparent platform within Streamable Finance for trading digital assets. It plays a crucial role in maintaining trust and efficiency in the world of decentralized finance.
  • Liquidity Pools: Liquidity pools in Streamable Finance are key components that ensure efficient and seamless trading of assets. They facilitate smooth transactions within the platform by providing the necessary liquidity for asset exchange.
  • Escurency: a concept defined as “electronic streamable” currency. It represents an evolution of e-money, designed to transcend physical and technological borders. esCurrencies are digital, cross-border, always available, programmable, and streamable, and are built to be interoperable and safe. They are fully reserved, always redeemable 1-1, and secured in a segregated account. Currently available in sandbox mode are esEUR, esUSD, esGBP, and esCHF, each offering a stable store of value combined with the speed and security of DLT technology.
  • Streamable Invest: A Real-Time Investment Solution

Streamable Invest is an innovative investment platform that redefines the concept of earning and spending your investment yield. Key features of Streamable Invest include:

  • Real-Time Yield: Earnings from investments are available immediately, ensuring that investors have instant access to their yields.
  • Yield Payment by the Second: Investors can deposit their principal and receive yields paid out by the second, offering an unprecedented level of control and immediacy in investment returns.
  • Security and Regulation: Streamable Invest prioritizes the safety of its users’ funds. It is fully licensed and regulated in Switzerland and Europe, ensuring a secure and trustworthy investment environment.

$STREAM Token:

$STREAM  is the native digital currency of Streamable Finance, designed to facilitate various functions within its ecosystem. 

Its primary utilities include:

  • Acting as a medium for transactions, enabling users to seamlessly conduct payments and transfers in real-time. 
  • The token also plays a crucial role in the decentralized finance (DeFi) services offered by Streamable Finance, such as participating in liquidity pools and decentralized exchanges (DEX). 

Disrupting Core Industries

Streamable Finance’s impact extends far beyond traditional fintech boundaries. It is poised to revolutionize several core industries:

  • Payments: By introducing real-time, continuous streams, Streamable Finance is set to transform how payments are processed, moving away from batch processing to instantaneous transfers.
  • Lending: The continuous stream concept could revolutionize lending, enabling dynamic, responsive loan structures.
  • Billing: Traditional billing systems could be overhauled, allowing for real-time, usage-based billing models.
  • Pay-Per-Use Models: Streamable Finance could enable fairer, more granular charging methods in pay-per-use services, reflecting actual usage accurately.


In the intersection of WEB2 and WEB3, compliance is not just a requirement; it’s a foundational element. Streamable Finance recognizes this, embedding compliance into its core. This focus ensures that its pioneering solutions not only meet current regulatory standards but also build a framework of trust and security for all users.

Real life impact:

  1. Real-Time Salary Payments: Instead of waiting for a monthly paycheck, employees receive their earnings continuously. This approach can drastically improve financial planning and reduce the need for payday loans, enhancing financial wellness.
  2. Dynamic Utility Billing: Utility payments can be streamlined to occur in real-time, based on actual usage. This system eliminates estimated bills, ensuring users only pay for what they use, leading to fairer pricing and better resource management.
  3. Instant Freelancer Payments: Freelancers and contractors can receive payments for their services as they work, not after. This system reduces the payment waiting period, improving cash flow and financial stability for independent workers.
  4. Real-Time Investment Earnings: Investors can see their earnings stream in real-time, providing immediate feedback on their investments. This transparency can lead to more informed financial decisions and a better understanding of market dynamics.
  5. Pay-Per-Use Services: For services like streaming platforms or cloud computing, users can be charged based on real usage, down to the second. This model promotes fairness and can potentially lower costs for users, as they only pay for what they actually consume.

These examples demonstrate how Streamable Finance’s vision of a streamable future can transform various aspects of financial transactions, making them more aligned with the real-time, dynamic nature of modern life.

Streamable Finance and the Future of Finance

Streamable Finance is more than a financial service; it’s a vision for the future of finance. In a world where the boundaries between the physical and digital are increasingly blurred. 

Commitment to compliance, coupled with streamable technology, positions Streamable finance uniquely to lead the charge in reshaping the financial landscape. 

As we navigate the complexities of this new digital era, Streamable Finance offers a glimpse into a future where finance is not just a service but an experience – continuous, inclusive, and real-time.

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Pioneering the Future of Finance in the WEB3 Era